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Flat roof with solar panels

Save up to 50% of your power bill with a

Solar kit on your Flat Roof

Get you 20º mount kit
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Save up to €426 annually

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30-year warranty: Longest period on the market!

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Plug & play - no installer needed

Robinsun Performance

Mount 20º

Our Robinsun Performance Plug & Play Solar Kit comes with a maximum output of 400 W (1 solar panel) or 800 W (2 solar panels). This product comes with a 20º mount that tilts the panel to face the sun for more hours

What's in the box

  • Solar Panel Full Black (172,2 x 113,4 cm)
  • Micro inverter 
  • Schuko Cable
  • Mount 20º
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Flat roof solar kit with 20 degree mount
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Not all kits are the same

Robinsun plug & play solar kits for flat roofs: Generate electricity to power your home!

At Robinsun we make your installation much more than just joining components: it is an experience of transition to renewable energy.

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✅ Plug & play installation without an electrician.

✅ Simple configuration of all system components.

✅ Complete solar kits with brackets designed for each application.

✅ Individual consultation by specialized personnel.

✅ Includes free monitoring app.

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Other companies

✅ Plug & play installation without an electrician.

❌ Limited and inflexible kits.

❌ Kits with inadequate fixing or no support at all.

❌ Impersonal advice from unknowledgeable personnel.

❌ No application of its own or monitoring limited to external applications.

How does a plug & play solar kit work?

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Place your Kit where it gets the most sunlight

We have different kits specially designed to adapt to almost every place. The more sunlight your kit receives, the more energy it will produce!

Person holding a schuko cable to plug it into the power socket

Plug your Kit directly into your socket

It’s that simple! The energy generated by the solar panels will be transformed by the micro inverter for instant use by your home. Just Plug & Play!

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Start cutting power bills and CO2 emissions

Producing your own solar energy avoids consuming grid power, that is not sustainable. Fighting climate change has never been this easy, and this good for your wallet too.

Suit yourself with the perfect opportunity to generate solar energy

Solar panel for flat roof with 20 degree mount

Madrid, Spain

Beautiful solar panel kits for flat roof with 20 degree mount

Lisbon, Portugal

Flat roof full black solar panel with 20 degree mount

Paris, France

Photos of our clients

Robinsun Performance solar kit installation with 60 degree mount

Luis A.

"Competent, attentive to the customer, solving the doubts."

Robinsun Performance solar kit installation with basic degree mount

Jose Luis

"The electricity bill has been reduced to 0."

Robinsun Performance solar kit installation with 20 degree mount


"Excellent service and results. Easy control with the app."

The best option to take advantage of your flat roof!

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