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Boris Hageney (Founder, Robinsun)

Robinsun: energy self-consumption arrives on the balconies of all Spaniards

Created in Madrid in 2023, it offers the possibility of having energy self-consumption solutions for all households that have not been able to do so until now.

New company launches kits for wall, balcony, pergola or any other sunny spot

Madrid, 12th July 2023.- A new energy source begins its journey in Spain. Robinsun is born in Spain to help generate solar energy for all households, regardless of their status. In our country, 65% of households do not have a house with a roof, so, until now, they could not install solar panels. Two out of three Spaniards live in an apartment or are renting, so, until now, investing in solar panels was not part of their plans. The new company, born in Madrid in March 2023, focuses on two fundamental aspects of solar energy: saving on electricity bills (up to 50%) and CO2 emissions by using solar energy produced by the home instead of the utility company. It is estimated that 11% of the CO2 emitted comes from households*.

The key to a Plug & Play Solar Kit is that it is easy to install (just hang it up and plug it in), without the need for the intervention of an installer or electrician.
When moving to another home, they can be transported, making them accessible to all households. Thus, energy ceases to be a luxury and becomes a commodity.
Robinsun sells two models of solar panels with seven different types of fixations, allowing them to be fitted in any space in the house, no matter how small: balconies, terraces, walls and even on the ground.

The products

Robinsun's solar kits are known as "plug & play", i.e. plug & play, they include the panels and elements to transform energy into electricity.
panels and the elements to transform energy into electricity (micro inverter, cables, etc.). They are self-installable, so anyone can install them and connect them to any traditional socket. They generate up to 800 W of power, which covers the energy consumed during sunlight hours by the household appliances in a house, reducing and even eliminating electricity consumption during sunlight hours.

Robinsun offers several models that fit the needs of the space available in each apartment:

  • Balcony Kits
  • Wall Kits
  • Flat Roof Kits
  • Pergola Kits
  • Garden Kits
  • Basic Kits (without mount)

The latter allow the customer to decide where and how to install the panel.


The idea for Robinsun comes from Boris Hageney, an entrepreneur who has carried out projects with enormous growth, such as Groupon or tarifas24, the first price comparison for telecommunications, insurance and financial products in Spain, operating from 2008 to 2010.

Hageney has taken the German market as a reference, where this type of business has grown tremendously. According to Solar Power Europe, the European PV industry association, 190,000 such kits were installed in Germany in 2021. And he has named the company Robinsun after Robinson Crusoe who, during the time he spent on an island, managed to be self-sufficient and survive.

Founded in Madrid in 2023, Robinsun's mission is to give all households the opportunity to fight climate change by producing their own solar energy for self-consumption. The company's Plug & Play Solar Kits use proven technology components and are extremely affordable and easy to install. With Robinsun, every household, even those without a roof, can participate in our energy transition and save on their energy bills.

For more information: Gloria Almirall (+34 637 883077 |

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