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Terraza solar de piso

Your backyard terrace and patio - the hidden gems of solar power generation

In our daily conversations with customers we learn a lot about specific installation issues for plug & play solar kits in a wide range of buildings. Too often the question comes up if one needs to ask for permission to install the solar kit, for example from the building management or neighbors, like for installations of air conditioners or pergolas.

Administrative obstacles to installations of any type

At Robinsun we feel that everybody has a responsibility to save our planet from the impending climate crisis, and that this requires the courage to change the status quo. Change is driven by ideas and innovation. Like electricity or water, we always recommend our customers to take the path of least resistance. When it comes to where to install your solar kit, we have found a surprisingly low friction location: backyard terraces or patios.

Out of the public eye, part of the privacy of a building, there are very few complaints when installing your kit here. Many regulations, like those related to heritage protection or façades, are mostly meant to protect the side of a building facing the street. The back of a building is surprisingly less complicated to manage. It might also be that, since installations in backyards or patios are less visible, and less accessible, just fewer people that might complain or object see your installation. But whatever the reason is, you will want to just install your kit safely, take down your power bills and do the right thing for the planet. If your neighbors want to join you, tell them about Robinsun.

Optimize you backyard installation

As for the place of installation, backyards offer a lot of possibilities. You want to install your kit where it receives the most sunshine hours and is not hindered by shade. The obstacles to avoid are mostly trees, chimneys or buildings close by.

Among the most common places used for installation of a plug & play solar kit are balcony railings, pergolas, flat roofs originally built to hang up your laundry or porches. We’ve seen customers fixing their solar panels on smaller roofs of solariums, or put them on top of structures that hold awnings. Your creativity really has no limits. Wherever you can install solar panels with good production conditions, on a backyard terrace or patio you can do it. For installations on lighter structures, our Robinsun Light kit with its ultralight panels weighing just 5 kg each is a great option. It’s also very easy to mount with stainless steel cable binders. And if you have a more robust structure available, our Robinsun Performance with its full black bifacial solar panels is always the best option for the highest production levels.


If you have a backyard terrace or patio with good sunshine available, consider installing a plug & play solar kit on it. Your neighbors and building administration are less likely to notice your installation and also less likely to complain, since you don’t impact your building’s façade and any building code associated with it. With good sunshine in this location, you can achieve great production levels if you manage to install your solar panels with a slight angle. And in any way your self-produced solar power will reduce your power bill immediately. Remember that for plug & play kits, you don’t need an installer or electrician, but can install them yourself in minutes. Saving the planet and your wallet has never been easier.


Manuel. muchas gracias por tu pregunta.
Para poder contestar, necesitamos saber algunos datos, para hacer un estudio personalizado y aconsejarle el kits que mejor se adapte a tu hogar.
Le facilitó nuestro telefono y whatsapp para que podamos informarle exhaustivamente.
+34 640 91 31 51.


Hola Manuel, muchas gracias por tu pregunta.
Para contestarte a esta pregunta necesitaríamos saber cuantos metros mide tu balcón, tipo de barandilla y en qué planta está.
Te facilito teléfono y email, para que nos facilites las características del balcón de tu hogar y te realizamos un estudio personalizado sin compromiso.


Cuales son las posibilidades co9n un Balcon con mucho sol?

Manuel Garcia

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