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Challenge us: Robinsun matches any solar kit price

At Robinsun, our mission is to give all families access to affordable solar energy solutions. We focus on high-quality plugin solar kits with the latest technology, so that our customers can produce the maximum amount of electricity for the longest time. But we also want them to do so at the lowest possible price. That’s why we now match any price you find on the market of a comparable plugin solar kit.

How does the price match work?

There are a lot of plug & play solar kits available on the market, and the differences between them are not always very clear to some customers. We have blogged many times about how to compare plugin kit prices and how to identify a quality kit. We are now launching a price matching initiative to our customers, so that you have the peace of mind that at Robinsun you will always get a kit at the lowest price on the market.

Of course, this means that we need to compare kits that are equal and comparable. Should you find a kit that you think is cheaper than one of ours, contact us and we will compare it for you:

  • Does it have the same amount of panels and production in Wp? Are these panels of comparable quality and vendor?
  • Does it have a comparably powerful microinverter, with the same features and quality?
  • Does it include the same accessories like cables or mounts?
  • Is the shipment price included?
  • Is the applicable VAT included?

If a Robinsun plugin kit is truly comparable with another vendor that sells at a lower price, we will match this price and sell you our kit at the same lower price. The price we refer to is the final end customer price to be paid in full and at once, incl. VAT, without the cost of any purchase financing. The offer refers to plugin kits sold online only.

What is not covered by the price match?

To avoid misunderstandings, we want to clarify some specific situations that are excluded from this campaign:

  • Kits with special promotion prices, like Black Friday, Prime day or the like
  • Flash sale prices that are only available for a very limited amount of time
  • Special prices for group purchases
  • Additional promotional discounts other vendors might apply. We use those too for specific customer groups, so ask us if there is any promotion live at the moment that might apply to your purchase.
  • Discount sales of overstock, non-returnable items or limited quantities
  • Second hand sales
  • Out of stock items
  • Items with delivery times of more than a week
  • Items sold on that are not plugin solar kits
  • Cross-subsidized kits that you have to buy together with other items or services
  • Specific promotions limited to specific customer groups or club subscribers
  • B2B and volume purchase prices

How to prove a lower price?

It’s very straightforward: show us the offer by sharing the URL or screenshot of the advertised kit and its price. We need to be able to verify all aspects of the offer described above. We must be able to contact the vendor to verify the correctness and availability of said offer.

How to get a lower priced Robinsun plugin kit?

It’s very simple: contact us and tell us about the offer. We’ll review the comparability together, and might check with the vendor that the counteroffer is real. Once proven, we will get back to you so that you  can buy the offer at the reduced price.


We want you to know that with Robinsun you will always get the price deal on any plugin solar kit on the market. If you find another vendor selling the same plugin kit at a better price, we’ll match it. Let’s check these offers together to make sure we compare apples to apples. We’re launching this offer for the month of July 2024, and might extend it if we see it helps our customers to take the right decision on their solar kit purchases.

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Además del precio y la calidad de sus mater y servicios,lo que quiero es que ustedes se ocupen de todo desde el asesoramiento(preventa). la venta, los trámites administrativos, la instalación y la puesta en marcha. Es decir " un sólo interlocutor". Saludos

Luis Enrique Roca

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